Empowering boys, promoting literacy, and bringing awareness to African American literature.


Supporting education, leadership, and character development.

To combat the statistic that says boys - especially African American boys - ages 7 to 13 are at a lower literacy level than others. In the process of combating against this statistic, we are a youth-led organization striving to reach the masses and encourage character development; while bringing awareness to positive, African-American literature.


Sidney Keys III

Sidney started his own book club which he titled Books n Bros Book Club to make reading fun for boys particularly between 7-13 years old but Books N Bros welcomes within the reading level of 3rd grade and above. Boys, especially African American boys statistically stop reading within this age group and we wanted to combat that stereotype and encourage literacy within the young African American community.

Sidney loves reading all genres of books like Grumpy Cat to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to books like the featured Danny Dollar: Millionaire Extraordinaire: Lemonade Escapade. We held his first meetup with his new reading friends Saturday, September 10th 2016 at the African American Children's Bookstore EyeSeeMe. The owners agreed to open their space monthly to allow Sidney to encourage reading in the community. At the first meetup, Sidney had a successful turnout, fun music and even had the idea to host his own lemonade stand in light of the plot of the featured book. During this event not only did he make new friends, but he learned skills of leadership, public speaking and entrepreneurship.