Books we have read so far!

Hidden Figures is one of my favorite books now because it is about space and also how black women were the reason behind NASA being able to send a man to outer space and bring him back alive.
— Sidney K. 11 years old
Talking to everybody about Danny Dollar was cool. I had a lot of fun. I now even want to start something myself. I want to start a business or a club!
— Corlandus B. 11 years old
I see that I can actually be an entrepreneur! I never had a lemonade stand before until I read Danny Dollar. Now I am actually an entrepreneur! I had a lemonade stand at my first book meetup and made money for myself to spend and save. 
— Sidney K. 11 Years Old
Scraps of Time 1928: A Song For Harlem was funny, humorous but also emotional and educational. 
— Mason G. 9 years old
Scraps of Time 1928: A Song For Harlem shows how a person who likes poetry can express their feelings.
— Jordan H. 12 years old
Scraps of Time 1928: A Song For Harlem was sad but also funny. I loved reading it.
— Mickey W. 10 years old
This book was about our history declaration of independence. I didn’t like that white people were racist. I learned that white people raped black light skinned women. We also learned about the great migration.
— Max L. 11 years old.
I liked how they got their freedom. I learned that slaves were mistreated a lot. I learned that they wouldn’t use their fists or gun to fight. I learned that it was good to talk about things that hurt you.
I give this book 5 stars. I love the story and I loved to read about how the slaves got freed.
— Gabe 10 years old