Sidney Keys III, Founder/CEO

Sidney Keys III is a St. Louis, MO, 13 year old native, rising entrepreneur and budding photographer, decided to take his love for reading to the next level and create Books n Bros Reading Club at the young age of 10! Having multiple meet ups with different boys, ages 7-13 years old, he is paving the way for change. Sidney loves not only to read but he is a huge fan of games like Roblox and Minecraft. Outside of photography, gaming and reading, Sidney loves activities like swimming, soccer, basketball, traveling, trying new food and going to the movies. His goal when he grows up is to be an even larger entrepreneur than what he is now and be an example for future young leaders.

He’s looking to publish his own book, continue to be a philanthropist and give back to the community, and looking at attending an HBCU when it’s time for college!



Winnie Caldwell, Co-Founder & Program Director

Winnie Caldwell is a St. Louis, MO native. She studied Corporate Communications at Lindenwood University and proceeded to work in a fast paced industry blogging, content creating, teaching and empowering others in the community. Passionate about serving others, writing began as a natural fit. Winnie began blogging in 2012, which led to speaking engagements from St. Louis, MO to Washington D.C. Blogging also led Winnie to manage and build websites for others as well as teaching teens how to do so through a local financial literacy start up. Though, Winnie couldn’t stop there. Winnie also has over 3 years of experience working with youth to not only empower them but teach them how to profit via blogging/media relations. While climbing the Media Relations ladder, she’s also been leading a young leader. Her son, Sidney Keys III, 11 year old Founder of Books N Bros LLC. When Winnie is not networking, blogging or being a momager, she loves to travel near water for peace of mind. Grateful for an amazing support system on every endeavor she has approached, Winnie ensures to continuously represent her hometown gracefully. 



Jerika Anderson, Event Facilitator

Jerika Anderson is a St. Louis, MO native. She is passionate about creating crafty products and bringing events to life. Passionate about serving others, assisting with Books N Bros has been a perfect platform for her. Jerika has a lifetime experience with event decor. When she is not assisting Books N Bros at events and/or decorating, Jerika can be found traveling, exploring new trends in decor and giving back to the community.