Cool Glasses from Phonetic Eyewear Make Reading Fun for Books N Bros Founder Sidney Keys III

By Winnie Caldwell

One day, in the 2nd grade, there was a noticeable change in Sidney's eye sight. It was hard for him to see the board in the classroom from his seat. He squinted to see what was once easy for him to read just a week ago. 

So what did I do as a mom? I set him up with an eye doctor appointment and he came home with frames looking like a new kid. Sidney got used to his frames and eventually liked them. Though, they weren't necessarily his all time favorite. 

May 2014

May 2014

Now as Sidney is officially done with elementary school, he wanted a new style; a new look. That's when we found out about Phonetic Eyewear! They are an eyeglass company for those who may look at a computer/digital screen for hours at a time.

Phonetic Eyewear products are designed for consumers who spend considerable time viewing computer screens, tablet PCs or smartphones. These devices emit high levels of blue light, which can cause glare, eyestrain and fatigue. Our glasses are perfect for office employees, students, gamers or anyone whose lifestyle includes exposure to these devices.

Now even though Phonetic Eyewear doesn't specifically make glasses just for kids, that didn't stop Sidney from sending them an email himself asking if he could fit their frames.

And just then, they responded! Not only did they respond friendly by letting Sidney know they specialize in adult frames, but they were even cool enough to send him some to try out! 

Sidney chose three pairs to keep. We simply let Phonetic Eyewear know which three he wanted, and also sent his prescription. They returned his new eyeglasses ready to wear in no time flat! And for a great deal! Did I mention how affordable Phonetic Eyewear is? The average price for frames is $59! And what is even better? The helpful coupon code we have just for you. Simply use code: BOOKSNBROS in the coupon section upon checkout and save an additional 10%! Once you receive your glasses, be sure to tag us! We'd love to see your choice!